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Industrial park tour from Enter Ethiopia Tour Travel

Enter Ethiopia Tour travel, arrange tour packages to any of operational industrial parks, specializing in different manufacturing firms in different major Ethiopian cities.
While African countries construct and promote industrial zone, Ethiopian government is most active to move on the plan. The government of Ethiopia’s over reaching plan is to make the country the leading manufacturing hub in Africa by 2025. With the focus on light manufacturing. Ethiopia’s industrialization approach includes developing specialized industrial parks.
Currently the country has 7 to 10 operational private & government owned industrial parks. In the parks there are different international manufacturing factories. Specializing in chemical, machinery, equipment, textile, leather and apparel firms.

If you are a foreign or domestic investor that would like to set up a company, Enter Ethiopia Tour Travel would set a visit to the Industrial parks in collaboration with EIC in order for you to have an opportunity to enhance your interest and planning.
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From A day tour
Up on request we can arrange a visit to all operational industrial parks